31 Jul 2012

Creative Firewood Storage Solution

Posted by Shona

firewood storage ideas

We literally sell piles of firewood at BC Sands during winter. Not just any firewood… ours is 100% ironbark. Slow burning, intense heat, it forms great coals, zero emissions, little or no smoke, aged for 2 years so there is a very low moisture content and approved by the F.A.A. as being sustainable. Our firewood is supplied in 500 kg bags  for as little as $180 making it the best value firewood in Sydney.

And with a a bit of creative ingenuity… you could create your very own cool firewood storage solution. This chair and ottoman is from Italian designer AK47. As far as we can make out, the flexible and durable plastic is simply held in place with pot rivets and a few stabilizers on the base. Wine and high heels are an optional extra!


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