30 Nov 2011

DIY Don’ts!

Posted by bcsands

The top ten DIY jobs for which you should always call in the experts!

1. Don’t play with electricity
Beyond the basics of changing light bulbs or fuses, electrical jobs are something to stay away from. It’s not just the difficulty of working with electricity – it’s the high stakes you are playing with. Getting electrical things wrong can be lethal – think electrocution and fire.

2. Don’t play with gas

As above, but with explosions thrown in. Please use a licensed gas fitter.

3. Stay away from asbestos

A whole generation of Australians has suffered because of what we didn’t know about asbestos when it was installed in our homes. Now we know that it can kill, why would you risk your life to take it out again? Leave it to the experts – identifying asbestos is not easy, let alone handling it.

4. Leave trees to the surgeons

Climbing a tree with a power tool in your hand to trim potentially rotten upper limbs is asking for trouble. As is cutting down an entire tree – where is it going to land? On you, your house, your car, the dog… it’s just not worth it. What’s more, in many parts of Australia, your local council might fine you if you cut down a native tree without consulting them first.

5. Stay off your roof

Climb a ladder – with great care – and take a quick peek at it by all means. Then call the experts. Again, for the average man-in-the-street, combining
height and power tools simply isn’t a smart thing to do.

6. Don’t be a demolition man

Whacking a wall with a mallet looks like fun. But if it’s a load-bearing wall and half of the house lands on you afterwards, it won’t be so funny. Plus,
in most cases, you are likely to need planning permission to do it – and this it’s not just a council revenue-raiser, it’s a way of guaranteeing you and your home stay safe.

7. Avoid large plumbing jobs

Changing a washer is fine, but if you want to remodel a whole bathroom or kitchen, call in a licensed plumber. Otherwise the results might be floods and tears.

8. Waive the wallpapering

Wallpapering isn’t impossible, but it is time consuming and a job that needs to be done with great care. Uneven joins, air bubbles, rips, glue that doesn’t stick and many other traps are all lurking for you to fall into. This is one of those jobs when a good tradesman is a good investment.

9. Shun the tiling

See wallpapering above – tiling is another job where an experienced tradesman will give you a much better result.

10. Don’t reach too far!

Both literally – never reach for something from the top of a ladder, climb down and move the ladder instead. And metaphorically – don’t bite off more than
you can chew. This is your home you are playing with – if you think a DIY job is beyond you, then it probably is, and it’s time to call in the experts.

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