6 Jun 2012

How to Establish a Trellis Garden

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Trellis gardening in urban areas can be very rewarding, even though for many people the idea of growing their own fruit and vegetables in such a crowded environment is a challenge they are not up to. But you can actually have crops of wonderful vegetables and fruits from a rooftop garden, balcony or any other small, sunny place if you are willing to change your thinking from horizontal to vertical.


The Building Blocks of a Trellis Garden

Apart from good quality soil and mulch, all you need is a frame for the plants to grow up. Here are just some of the materials you can build a trellis with:

  • Wood, wire, string or stakes can be placed near walls to provide a stable surface for plants to grow up. Be careful not to place them flush against the wall, as the plants can cause problems in the mortar, bricks or fibro.
  • Large plant pots make an excellent basis for trellis gardening because they allow a “tepee” shape to support the plant inside.
  • Wire fences are good places to grow climbing plants against, especially if they are south or south-west facing. They can be erected anywhere convenient in your garden and have a double use as support for plants and to screen off a washing line or shed.
  • Chicken mesh is another excellent way to create a frame for your vegies to grow up. It can be moulded to almost any shape, rolled up like a cone or stretched out and nailed to a backboard.
  • Arches are an excellent option for growing climbing plants over, plus they save space because you can walk under them too.


Keep in mind that picking may be difficult if you have built your “tepee” trellis stakes too close together. Light and air must be able to get to the middle or back of your trellis construction or you will limit the number of fruits or vegetables your plants can grow.


Trellis Garden Plant Options

The sheer numbers of climbing edible plants that can be grown on a trellis are amazing. Put a little thought, time, money and effort in and you can grow things like:-

Tomatoes, peas, beans, capsicums, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, chokos, and squash (almost all varieties)

Fruit can take some time to produce, but the effort is worth it.  Climbing fruits include grapes, passion fruit, various berries, kiwi fruit, melons such as rockmelon and honey dew.

Flowers can also provide an attractive and aromatic addition to your trellis gardening. Climbing roses, sweet peas and jasmine are just some that spring to mind.

You may well live in a very small space, but once you open your mind to thinking about the vertical space available to you, your inner gardener will joyfully come up with more and more ways in which a trellis garden can allow you to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

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