8 Jun 2012

Ideas for Disused Swimming Pools

Posted by bcsands

For some homeowners, an elderly swimming pool can become an eyesore and a liability for those still living in the house. What can you do with an old, built-in swimming pool? There are basically 2 different scenarios.

One is to embrace the old pool and re-purpose it, and the other is to obliterate it. So here are some ideas of what other people have done:-


Re-purposing Your Disused Swimming Pool

Here are just a few of the ways you can turn your unwanted, leak free swimming pool into something completely new without removing it:-

  • You can create an Aquaponics system. This entails putting fish, such as trout, bream or even carp into the pool and using the pool pump to circulate the water as usual. On top you build a floating vegetable garden that draws nutrients from the fish waste. You can harvest both vegies and fish.
  • A large fish pond with waterlilies and a bridge over the top is a lovely way to transform an old pool into something attractive and useful. You can fill the bottom of the pool with gravel used as filtering stones and keep large fish such as koi and carp.
  • NOTE: Check with your local council first as you may be required to keep the pool fence.


For old pools that leak, here are some other re-purposing suggestions:-

  • An in-ground storage area. Simply place a roof of some sort over the top, create an access way, level the floor area, and you have a large storage space that keeps a fairly constant temperature.
  • Placing decking over the top of the pool to create a place to relax is another solution people have used.  You will need to create sufficient drainage in the bottom first though, and make sure nothing and nobody can get underneath the decking.


Removing Your Disused Swimming Pool

If it is a concrete pool there are several ways of removing it:-

  • Bring in an excavator to destroy the concrete and use that as landfill. With the pool completely removed, you can level the area with topsoil and plant whatever you like in that space.
  • Break up, or punch large holes in the concrete with a jackhammer, particularly in the bottom of the pool. Cut chunks out of the sides too, making as many holes and fractures as possible before filling it in with aggregate, clean fill or road base. You can have a layer of sand and topsoil blown in from a truck to provide a flat area to build a pre-shaped, easy care real or artificial lawn area.
  • NOTE: Check the landfill rules that apply to your local area.


For a fibreglass pool, here are some options:

  • Cut or chop the lip off the pool with, punch as many holes into the bottom and remaining sides as possible and pack with clean fill and soil. Because there will always be some moisture retained here, you can give an oasis look to this new garden area by planting water-loving plants.
  • Cut and remove half of the pool and, make a sunken garden that gently slopes into walls of the remaining half of the pool. Dress it up with pavers, logs, plants and soil.


An unwanted swimming pool need not be an eyesore, because there are so many ways to turn it into something wanted and useful. Imagination is all it takes to turn a disadvantage into a huge, value adding plus to your property.

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