14 Mar 2011

Impact of natural disasters on product supply and prices

Posted by bcsands

The recent floods and cyclone interrupted supply of building and landscaping products from Queensland for a few weeks. Even now that the areas are recovering, the impact on some parts of the industry may last for longer. With many properties needing to be rebuilt or repaired there will be a high demand both for tradies and for product. Will this have an impact on prices for us down here? At the moment we hope not – with one notable exception – but we’ll keep you up to date in the coming weeks.

And that exception? Firewood. Word from Queensland is that firewood supplies will struggle to keep up with demand this year. All our firewood is sourced from within New South Wales, so our supply should not be impacted, but this may not be the same for all firewood suppliers. Keep an eye not only on prices, but on the quality of the firewood – if good products like ironbark are hard to come by, some less scrupulous suppliers may try and substitute other woods that are less suitable for burning.

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