9 Jun 2012

Landscaping a Narrow Block

Posted by bcsands

Landscaping a narrow block is very different to planting out a normal shape backyard. So if you have recently bought, or want to re-landscape a narrow block of land, then here are some practical scenarios and ideas to help you:-

Landscaping Your Narrow Front Garden

Whether your home fronts onto a road, or adjoins another property, you may want to create a sense of distance. This can be achieved by tricking the eye into seeing a wider space than there really is. So instead of having a standard, straight driveway from the car port or garage to the road, make it look wider by flaring the driveway on one or both sides. You can achieve this look with pavers or concrete and make it into a formal feature by edging the curves with neat, small hedging plants. Of course the paving can be extended to become a practical pathway leading to the front door or side of the house.

Put some serious thought into how much time you and other people will be spending in the narrow and probably small front yard, especially if it is separated from the back yard by a fence or hedge. An easy care or even hard landscape (also known as waterless landscaping) may be a practical and attractive choice.

Landscaping the Back Yard of a Narrow Block

The back yard is most likely a longer space than the front yard, and you will definitely want to spend more time out here, so making it appealing and practical is essential. Everything you do here should have more than one purpose, and bearing in mind that many of the basic landscaping materials can be blown in from a truck, here are some ideas:-

Planting tall screening plants on both fence lines achieves the dual goals of:

  • Establishing an attractive barrier between properties and;
  • softening the look of the fences.


Creating an open space, such as a patio or deck area near the house, will at the same time:

  • Give an expansive, pleasant outlook from the house, as well as;
  • make a space for people to play and/or relax.


Divide long areas of lawn into lesser spaces using curved and/or raised garden beds with screening shrubs and flowers to make:

  • A bright and attractive area to attract the eye from the house or patio and;
  • a screen for functional areas such as a clothes line or shed from the living area.


Build a raised rock garden with a pond or water feature at the far end of what can be seen from the main living area to achieve:

  • A sense of distance with a focal point seen from the living area, and also;
  • a tranquil place to sit, watch and listen to the sounds of running water.


Craft a meandering pathway between all the garden features with a seat or two along the way to achieve:

  • A practical means of getting from the house to all usable areas of the garden, facilities such as clothesline, and;
  • several different places in which a member of the household can pause to appreciate the subtlety of each location.


Landscaping a narrow block effectively by using dual purpose thinking can help you create a truly pleasant and useful outdoor living space.

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