6 Jan 2013

Mulch algebra?

Posted by Shona

Step One:

Work out the area to be covered. Yes it is time to get back to basics. All those maths questions you thought were pointless at school? Turns out they had a practical purpose after all. The area to be covered is the length times the width. For example  6 metres long x 5 metres wide = 30 M2.

Mulching a circular garden? The area of the circle is 3.14 X the radius squared. For example a circle with a 4m diametre has a 2 metre radius. The area would be 3.14 X 4 = 12.56 M3

Step Two:

Work out how deep you want your mulch. Usually it is anywhere between 50 mm to 100 mm (that’s five to ten centimetres!) Up to you … and a matter of taste.

Step Three:

Times your area by your depth. Our 30m2 garden with 70mm depth of coverage would use 2.1 cubic metres of mulch.

Step Four:

Want to know how much that weighs in tons? Just for the hell of it? Or so you can brag about how much you have shovelled/lifted to your mates? Times the cubic meterage by .3 for an approximate tonnage.

Bonus Question:  If you wanted to put a border around your circular, newly mulched garden … how much edging would you need?


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