27 Aug 2012

Not talking turf at the 2012 Leader Home Show

Posted by bcsands

BC Sands exhibited at the Leader Home Show over the weekend. As the relatively new marketing co-ordinator here… it was my first taste of meeting the public and talking turf in person … so to speak.

Mine was perhaps more a “meet and greet” role – I said hello… and then introduced the customers to the experts on our team! (Well someone had to do it)

The Home Show cemented my theory that all people love a free pen! And a magnet! Kids love sandpits… and making pet rocks… and sucking air out of helium ballooons!

Our stand was an interactive one, with our friends at Bedrock Landscapes and Sand Sea and Stone providing works in progress all weekend using BC Sands supplies. Ever the information sponge, I did a bit of eavesdropping over the course of the weekend… and learnt:

  • decomposed granite is far cheaper and alternative to concrete or paving.
  • it can be mixed with cement before we deliver it so that it compacts down and stabilises when you hit it with the “wacker packer” lol!
  • cypress mulch smells nice and is ideal for sloping sites becuase it doesn’t roll/move
  • paving saving or river sand is the ideal thing to lay under your pavers so thay have a stable, even surface to sit on. You want a substrate that “floats” as the soil & clay tends to be reactive with the moisture level of the soil.
  • succulent plants grow well in between pebbles
  • there is not much you can do about your guinea pig ruining your lawn!

 Oh and the bloke in the funny hat above? That’s the owner of BC Sands… Mark. Proudly sporting his “Win an iPad” ensemble.

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