13 Jun 2011

Ordering Metal Door Frames

Posted by bcsands

More secure and robust than timber door frames, metal door frames are often used in brickwork for the simplicity of installation.

They are also used for buildings where a fire rating is required – steel doesn’t burn! Metal door frames are available in different fire ratings, 1 hour, 2 hour etc. – depending on the specifications of the building. The door and the door’s hardware must also be fire rated.

Metal door frames are pre-made in sizes to suit standard door widths of 620mm, 720mm, 770mm, 820mm and 920mm. The most popular size is 820mm. Heights are all 2040mm – standard door height.

Metal door frames are made to suit standard brickwork of 110mm in width, this is the size referred to as the ‘throat’ of a metal door frame. Different throat sizes are also available to suit all other common sized bricks and blocks used in construction.

Metal door frames are usually installed at the construction phase of a building using door frame ties (which are included in the price of the door frame if you buy at BC Sands). Metal door frames can also be retrofitted after completion using Dynabolts.

One of the most common issues with metal door frames is working out whether the frame is right-handed or left-handed. There’s a simple way to tell. If you look at a door when it is closed and you can see the ‘knuckle’ of the hinge – the part that sticks out – on the left of the door, then you are looking at a left-handed door. If you want to hang a left handed door, then you should order a left handed door frame.

Likewise, if the knuckle on a closed door is on the right hand side, that is a right-handed door. To hang a right handed door, you should order a right handed door frame.

At BC Sands we always stock 820mm wide door frames in left and right hands, but can quickly source other 110mm sized door frames, including fire-rated door frames. Other throat sizes tend to have to be made to order and may take up to a week.

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