17 Sep 2012

Re-purpose your old garden hose into stepping stones

Posted by bcsands

Re-purpose Garden Hose into Pavers

If you have a hosepipe that kinks, leaks or is simply not long enough for your needs, then don’t chuck it away, because you can re-purpose it and turn it into pavers, stepping stones or mats. All you need are some landscaping supplies - a useless garden hose, some cable ties, a sharp knife or scissors, a ruler and a dash of elbow grease.

There are a few general guidelines and the rest is up to you and to your imagination:-

  • Make sure all the cable ties are facing the same way because the part you cut off can be sharp on bare feet;
  • Another reason for facing the ties the same way is because it makes your artwork look smoother and more attractive;
  • Plan a pattern to offset or align the positioning of your cable ties to give it an even or ‘woven’ look;
  • If you find the mud squishing between your toes, all is not lost!  Simply make your stepping stones, pavers or door mats deeper by joining two or three together with cable ties.

Making Round Garden Hose Stepping Stones

  • Straighten out your garden hose so that it has no kinks, bends or curls;
  • Cut the beginning of the hose at an angle and make the opening have contact with the beginning of the next round so no ‘end’ is visible;
  • Winding the hose tightly around itself, place cable ties around each two or three coils at regular intervals;

When you have the desired size, cut the hose off at an angle again and tie the end off against the previous loop to give it an ‘unending’ look.

Making Rectangular Garden Hose Pavers

  • Cut even lengths of hose to the length of your paver block.  This may need adjusting with a sharp knife later, but cut it as accurately as possible to start;
  • Cable tie two pieces together.  Place another length down and tie the second and third together in a different place;
  • Repeat with length number four, tying it to length number three in the same alignment as the first and second pieces;
  • Repeat the pattern until it is long and wide enough to fit your application.
  • If you decide to make the paver deeper by adding a layer or two to it, join the sides with the sharp ends of the cable ties together so that if you should ever want to flip the paver over you can.

Making Garden Hose Mats

  • The principle is the same as with the pavers but this time you use garden twine to weave the lengths of hose pipe together.  Plan your weaving pattern before you start;
  • Start by laying out all the pieces and if possible ‘sew’ them together by passing the garden twine through one length of pipe and into the next one;
  • When you have the width you want, start weaving across two or three lengths of garden hose from one side and then the other, wrapping it once around each piece to hold it in place.

There you have three ways to use up an old garden hose you thought you might never be able to use again.  It just goes to show that with a bit of ingenuity, you too can be an artist in your own garden!

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