19 Feb 2019

What accessories should I purchase when I buy a wood burner, brazier, fire-pit or pizza oven?

Posted by Leo

When purchasing your first wood burner, there are a few accessories you’ll want to invest in. These accessories will help keep your fireplace clean, running efficiently and, most importantly, safe.

1. Screen
Even if your fireplace has glass doors, a screen is needed to keep little hands and paws away. Look for options made with heavy-gauge steel mesh. A three-sided screen has an adjustable fit so it works with most fireplaces.

2. Tool Set
A tool set is a must for keeping your firebox clean. You’ll want a set made of a solid metal (we suggest wrought iron) that includes all the basics: a long-handled shovel, poker and brush.

3. Log Rack
An indoor log rack allows you to stock up on wood without having to trek outside into the cold every time you need to put another log on the fire.

4. Metal Ash Bucket
Your ash, even if your fire is completely out, will still be red hot, and many fire owners have the melted plastic bucket and ruined carpet to prove it. Clean out your fire safely using a metal shovel and metal bucket. Hot ash could also melt your plastic wheely bin, so leave ashes in your metal bucket in a safe place overnight so they can cool down before putting them in your wheely bin.

6. Fire Extinguisher
It is unlikely that your fireplace or wood burner will give you any trouble, but it’s better safe than sorry. A fire extinguisher is a must-have item for your home regardless of whether you have a fireplace or not.

7. Smart Burn (smoke reduction ¬& chimney cleaning device)
Smart Burn is a multi-award-winning device that makes your fire burn more efficiently, producing fewer emissions and less smoke – up to 50% less. Your fire will burn cleaner – no more blocked chimneys and streaky glass fire screens. Scientifically tested, SmartBurn is a natural device, made from non-toxic ingredients, which will also produce up to 17% more heat from your fire!

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