28 Jul 2011


Posted by bcsands

It might seem a simple thing, but there is an art to choosing the right wheelbarrow. Often tradies use the same one for years and years, until it’s utterly rusted through, simply because the balance of the handles feels right, or the wheel is just the right size to bump over the rough ground they run into every day.

We’ve even seen wheelbarrows with a sheet of plywood covering the holes in the metal so the barrow can still be used! If you have a wheelbarrow that you’ve had for many years, why not post a picture here and let us all have a look? Let’s see who holds the record for the oldest wheelbarrow! And if your wheelbarrow really has come to the end of its life, take a look at our web site at www.bcsands.com.au – we’ve got a range of trade-tough Westmix wheelbarrows for you to choose from.

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