4 Aug 2011

Which Type Of Turf Is Best For Me?

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Once upon a time in Australia we only really knew about one type of turf: it was called grass and everybody had a bit of it in their back yard.

Over the years, however, the humble grass market has expanded, with many different types of turf being developed to suit different needs. So which one would suit you best? Here’s a brief guide to some of the most common types and their uses.

‘Which turf?’ At a Glance: Three of the most Popular Grasses in Australia

Sir Walter

Approx 90% of sales
Good in sun and shade
Low maintenance


Approx 8% sales
Budget price
Low shade tolerance
High maintenance


Approx 2% of sales
Beautiful, fine blade grass
Good for the avid gardener
High maintenance

Learning more about turf: Buffalo grasses

Modern soft-leaf buffalo grasses are rising in popularity, thanks to turf-growers’ success in breeding out some of buffalo’s less desirable traits, such as scratchy, coarse leaves. It’s also resistant to wear and tear, has good shade and drought tolerance, and is less invasive than couch (see below).

Sir Walter

Most Aussies have heard of Sir Walter premium lawn turf, partly thanks to a very successful marketing campaign, and partly thanks to its undeniable advantages for the Australian soil and climate.

Sir Walter was created in Australia and has excellent drought tolerance compared to other buffalos. It’s a soft, dark-green buffalo grass that is resilient to both our summer and winter climates. Sir Walter maintains its colour year round with very little attention, requiring less water and less spraying than other grasses. It’s also less invasive and needs less mowing than other buffalos, is less prone to fungus and herbicides and is softer for children to play on. Sir Walter is ideal for every backyard.


Kikuyu is a vigorous buffalo grass that grows rapidly – making it ideal if you need a lawn established quickly. It’s also tough, good for hard-wearing areas, and will recuperate fast, especially when grown in full sun. Although it can be invasive, Kikuyu’s resilience and fast growth make it a good grass for large areas – also because it’s one of the most economical turfs to buy. However, that fast growth does make it a high maintenance grass.


Palmetto is a tough, soft-leaf buffalo that keeps its colour particularly well over winter. Because it keeps growing through winter (although more slowly), it can usually out-compete weeds when established. While it can turn brown in drought conditions, it has a very fast recovery rate. Palmetto tends to need less watering and mowing than many other turfs.


Sapphire is a soft, child-friendly turf which has a fine textured leaf in a beautiful dark green. It’s the ideal turf for anyone who would like to combine a buffalo lawn with the look of a finer grass. Sapphire retains its colour very well over winter – even in colder areas where it goes dormant it will hold its winter colour longer than most.

Learning more about turf: Couch grasses

Couch varieties generally grow quickly, particularly in full sun, but tend to struggle in shade and are renowned for invading gardens. Couch wears well and has good drought resistance.

Wintergreen Couch

Despite its name, Wintergreen Couch prefers full sun to shady or frosty or low-temperature areas. However, it does have the ability to recover quickly after heavy use, making it a good turf for high-traffic areas or where the turf is likely to be worn down quickly. It’s simple to look after, needing only minimal fertilizers and maintenance.

Greenlees Park Couch

Greenlees Park Couch is a good choice for home gardeners looking for a lawn with a finer texture. It’s best grown in full sun, but is less cold-sensitive than common couch. Although it goes dormant early in winter, it will keep some colour in warmer areas. It’s also a good choice for bowling greens, as it can be mowed very low and survives heavy use.

Legend Couch

Legend is an excellent all-round performer that Melbourne Cricket Club chose as the best couch out of 400 different types of couch grass in a 4-year evaluation. Legend is hard-wearing, drought-tolerant, resilient and has a beautiful fine leaf – equally good for home, landscaping or sport applications.

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  1. To start with the process of making the compost, you will need the grass itself. Dig out those that you find around your lawn and make sure that you remove all the traces of roots that you find attached to the soil.


    couch grass

  2. Sir Walter is one of the best turfs you can find and it is good value for the money. But it is always better to check the type of space and other factors when selecting the turf which can give you the best view, appeal.


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